Links to online forms

Here are some links to useful forms to do with academic bureaucracy which are not always easy to find on the Dal website.

  • Honours Application Form. Complete this at the end of your third year if you’re intending to graduate with honours (that includes everyone in the acting, scenography and costume studies programmes).
  • Letter of Permission. Use this to take a class at another university for credit toward your degree at Dal.
  • Class Add/Drop Form. Use this to register for a class after the cutoff date for online registration. You can only do this if the professor gives you permission to.
  • Declare a Major. Use this online form to declare your major and/or minor.
  • Undergraduate Calendar.

New Film Minor website

We have revamped the website for the Halifax Inter-University Film Minor. As you may know, you can take film classes at NSCAD and Saint Mary’s University and count them toward the Minor. This site will be regularly updated with information on available classes and local film events.

The regular Dalhousie calendar page on the Film Minor can be found here: