The two Costume Studies classes at NSCAD

Updated March 22, 2014

This page is intended to help Costume Studies students who want to register for the two required courses at NSCAD. It is intended to be clear and easy to understand. If it isn’t, please let me know by contacting me at David.Nicol@Dal.Ca  PLEASE NOTE: I created this page when I was Academic Adviser for Theatre. As of 2014, I am no longer Academic Adviser so I am not able to keep this page updated; this means that some information below may not be accurate. You should get in touch with the current Academic Adviser, Roberta Barker ( to confirm the detail below and ask her if you have questions.

Who are you?

I’m David Nicol, and was the academic adviser for the Department of Theatre until 2014.

What are these classes?

If you’re studying in the Dept. of Theatre’s Costume Studies programmes (either the 4-year BA or the 2-year Diploma), you are required to take two classes at NSCAD. The classes are:

  • TEXL 3320 (Fabrics Laboratory), usually offered in the Fall term on Thursday mornings.
  • TEXL 2100 (Introduction to Resist Dyeing), usually offered in the Winter term on Thursday mornings.

Should I be doing these classes?

These classes ONLY need to be taken by students committed to completing the Costume Studies BA or the Diploma.

You should NOT take them if you are merely taking Costume Studies classes as electives, or if you’re unsure about whether you’re committed to the programme.

When should I do the classes?

  • Space in the classes is limited this year. Your professors do not mind in which year you do the NSCAD courses.
  • Priority goes to students who are graduating next year, and to first year Diploma students due to their tight schedules.
  • For everyone else, registration is on a first come, first served basis. You should not be worried if you don’t get in this year. It’s not essential that you do the classes early, your time will come, and registration is guaranteed once you’re close to graduation.
  • You therefore do not need to request a place in the classes next year unless you’re especially keen to do them next year for some reason.

Are they offered in the summer?

TEXL 2100 (Introduction to Resist Dyeing) is sometimes offered in the Summer. Please contact Jure Gantar (academic adviser for Theatre) to confirm details; email

Times in Fall and Winter 2013-14

NSCAD’s timetables are available by clicking here. Please use them to double-check the information given below, to be on the safe side.

NSCAD has created 12-person sections of 3320 and 2100 at convenient times for Dalhousie students.

  • THEA 3320 (Fabrics Lab) in the Fall Term, 9.30-12.00 on Thursdays.
  • THEA 2100 (Intro to Resist Dyeing) is in the Winter Term, 8.30-12.30 on Tuesdays.


Registration for summer, fall and winter does not begin until April 1. You can get started on the Dal form earlier, and then be ready to take in the NSCAD forms on April 1.

Stage 1: Complete Dalhousie’s “Letter of Permission” form

You must complete Dalhousie’s Letter of Permission form, which permits you to take a class at another university. Click here to download the form.

Most of the form is self-explanatory, but here are some complicated bits:

Important: if you’re a first year, your form may be rejected by the registrars due to a rule against first years taking classes outside Dal – please contact me before doing anything.

  • Under “Reason for taking class at another institution”, tick “Other”, and write “Class is required for Dalhousie Costume Studies programme”
  • Under “Degree Programme”, write “BA Hons in Theatre (Costume Studies)” or “Diploma in Costume Studies”, whichever is appropriate
  • Under “Will you be enrolled in classes at Dalhousie…” tick “Yes”
  • In the boxes underneath, enter the class(es) you’re taking. Write “NSCAD” for “University”, “TEXL” for “Subject”, “3320” or “2100” for the numbers and make sure you tick the right term of each.
  • Don’t forget to sign it!!
  • When you’ve completed it, take it to the Registrar’s Office to get it signed. They should be able to do it then and there. If not, they’ll mail it to you when it’s done.

Stage 2: Complete NSCAD’s ‘Course Selection Forms’

Next, you need to complete NSCAD’s ‘Course Registration Forms’. Click here to download the form.

If you’re taking more than one course, you need TWO forms. Again, most of this is easy, but some bits are tricky:

  • Under ‘Semester’, select ‘Fall’ for 3320 and ‘Winter’ or ‘Summer’ for 2100.
  • Under ‘NSCAD ID number’ state that you’re a visiting student (unless you’ve studied at NSCAD before in which case enter your ID number).
  • In the ‘Add’ table, enter the details of the class. Under ‘Code’ write ‘TEXL 2100’ or ‘TEXL 3320’. Leave ‘section’ blank. ‘Titles’ are ‘Introduction to Resist Dyeing’ (2100) and ‘Fabrics Laboratory’ (3320). ‘Credits’ is 3. Leave the others blank.
  • Ignore the rest of the form, but don’t forget to sign it at the bottom! Discard page 2.

Stage 3: Complete NSCAD’s ‘Non-Degree or Visiting Application for Admission’ Form

Finally, you need to complete the ‘Non-Degree or Visiting Application for Admission’ form. Remember that you are a “Visiting Student”, not “Non-Degree”. You only need to do this form once, so if you’ve studied at NSCAD before you won’t need it (instead, add your NSCAD ID no. to the Course Registration Forms). Click here to download the form.

The only difficult bit is the following:

  • Section 4.1. Tick “Visiting student” and the term(s) in which you will be doing your classes.
  • Don’t forget to sign it!!
Finally, note that you will need to pay a $100 deposit.

Stage 4: Send or Take the Forms to NSCAD

You must give the NSCAD forms and the Dal Letter of Permission to NSCAD.

If you want to mail the forms, the address is 5163 Duke Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 3J6

If you prefer to submit them in person, take them to the NSCAD campus on the corner of Duke and Granville. Click here for a map. Go into the small Duke Street entrance. Go up the weird, windy stairs to the 2nd floor. Find the “Office of Student and Academic Services”. Give them the paperwork and your $100!

When must I do all this by?

Do it as soon as you can after the April 2 date when registration begins. The NSCAD website says “Visiting Students should submit their documentation several weeks prior to being permitted to register, as all applications must be reviewed and this may take some time.”

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  1. Kelsey

     /  26 May, 2010

    This is very clear and important information. Thanks!

  2. this is amazing and so well done David, its easier than using most of dals class selection information for anything else.


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